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This is a unique formula that we use when creating our trainings. A balanced combination of business English study books, international tests preparation materials (BULATS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE) and specially designed study material is intended to help you not just improve level of English but also learn international communicational techniques, business etiquette and improve international awareness.
We study through role plays, we solve business cases and make decisions using English.

We think in English

Drs. Vera Khorikova, owner and Business English trainer

Methods we use

By uniting the participants and creating unexpected situations, similar to the ones faced in business life, we motivate them to actively participate in the learning process. The main goal of the trainings is to create favorable conditions for the participant, not just be persuaded to learn but make them feel the urge to get more knowledge.

How are trainings organized?

Trainings can be held both for groups and individuals. In both cases it is of great importance to involve the participants in the process as much as possible. Thanks to reference material, numerous assignments and team work it is possible to make the participants think individually.


After completion of the training the participants improve their language skills, acquire a structured scheme of business language specifics, get essential hints on grammar and syntax use, learn to avoid problematic and complicated structures and unclear phrases, develop their own style, introduce new words and collocations in their active vocabulary.


Abbot Laboratories, American Express Int. Inc., Anne Langedijk secretariaatsdiensten, Avans Hogeschool, Bank of Developing Technologies, BBB Cycling, Centrum voor Mindfulness, Chestnut Corporate Finance B.V., Circle Partners, Citibank, CRM Partners, Denta Engineering, DSM Investor Relations, Electromnia Handels- und Beratungs Geselschaft M.B.H., ExplainIT, Gemeente Rotterdam, HAS, HISWA Vereniging, HKS Scrap Metals B.V., Hunter Douglas, IG Services B.V., Intel, InterCollege Business School, ISO Groep Machinenbouw, Kaercher, KMB Bank, Kneppelhout & Korthals N.V., Maandag Interim Management, Markslag financieel management en advies B.V., MILabs B.V., Milestone Marketing B.V., M.G. Spendel Consultancy, Multitainment B.V., NCOI Opleidingsgroep, N Vidia, Opmaat Media Consultancy V.O.F., PCB Technology, Rabobank International, RosPromBank, Savantis, Schering AG, Secretary in Projects, Source Contracting B.V., Skim Group, Somfy, Thumb Projectmanagement, Trouw Nutrition International B.V., TMD Support B.V., Unisys, UFG Invest, Wavin Group, WelStra B.V., WK Tekst en Secretariaat.

Among the trainer's clients are top executives and professionals of such international companies:
ABN AMRO, Achmea, Agis, Cisco, Port of Rotterdam, Van Lanschot Bankiers, Unilever, Ymere, etc.

Intakegesprek per telefoon is ook mogelijk.
Tel.: 0681148717 (Drs. Vera Khorikova, Business English trainer)

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